Top 3 Bollywood Actress Have Best Navel

It’s difficult to say who had the finest navel among the actresses. Many actresses have stunning, seductive, large, and charming Navels. Then there’s the difference between a round and a T-shaped navel.

Bollywood Actress Best navel and prettiest stomach well, that depends totally on your preference. Second, instead of applauding an actress for her acting abilities.

There are many different actresses in Indian Flim Industry, whose have beautiful Navel. In South Indian Flim Industry Actresses are always showing their Navel because South fans are like to see navel. The director is known what people are liking to see Navel of the actress. So they attracted their fans by showing their hots Navel.

When her remark about South cinema’s “obsession with navels” generated an uproar, Pooja Hegde thinks she was misinterpreted.

The different types of belly buttons?

Actresses having different shapes and sizes of Navel. Different people like different types of Navel.

One of the distinguishing features that distinguish you from others is your belly button. While the following are some of the most prevalent variants in appearance, there are many more.

The different types of belly buttons?
Outie Navel Actress (Rakul preet singh)

Outies are a term for protruding belly buttons. According to a chapter in the eBook Umbilicus and Umbilical Cord, about 10% of the population has an outie belly button, while the rest have an “innie.”

When the residual section of the umbilical stump, where your umbilical cord was attached, goes out instead of in, this is known as an outie.

Horizontal Navel Actress (Katrina Kaif)

A horizontal belly button, often known as a T-type belly button, has the majority of the belly button fold running horizontally. A depression at the top of the belly button may resemble a “T” when viewed from the side.

The top layer of the skin almost entirely covers the innermost portion of the belly button, which distinguishes it from a deep hollow belly button.

Vertical Navel Actress (Sandeepa Dhar)

Because the section of the stomach appears to make a little up-and-down split, some doctors refer to a vertical belly button as a “split” belly button.

The apex of a vertical belly button usually has very little hooding, like an imprinted “I” in the skin. According to a 2010 article, the most common belly button type is a vertical belly button.

Light bulb Navel Actress (vidya balan)

The top of a light bulb-shaped belly button has very little hooding, and the form is slightly oval at first, then narrows as it goes down, like a light bulb.

A light bulb-shaped belly button has also been compared to an upside-down beer or wine bottle by some.

Round Navel Actress (Taapsee pannu)

A round belly button isn’t quite the same as an outie belly button, but it’s near enough.

A concave or projecting inward belly button still exists. It lacks any hooding or covering, and instead appears to be symmetrically spherical.

Deep hollow Navel Actress ( Anjali)

If there is a shadow beneath the top fold of the belly button, a deep hollow belly button will emerge.

This sort of belly button looks like a slightly open mouth. Some persons in this group may have a “funnel” belly button, which is prevalent in people who have a lot of abdominal fat.

Actresses Having Best Navel

Now we presenting you the top 3 best Navel of Bollywood Actress. This List you may not agree but According to a poll and survey, you get this list.

We start from descending order 5 to 1, so without further due let’s start :

3. Pooja Hegde

Top 3 Bollywood Actress Have Best Navel

Pooja Hegde is one of the popular actresses in Both Bollywood and South cinema. She is the beauty queen At the Miss Universe India 2010 competition, she placed second runner-up.

We can’t expect her navel or waist to be fluffy because she’s a fitness nut. But what I like about her navel is how it’s shaken. I’m a lover of vertical navel. It’s impossible to ignore the sight of such a lovely shape, which is becoming increasingly rare these days.

Such a navel is more of a tongue test than a lip test. Her waist is a hefty chunk that can be pinched with larger hands, yet she may not be sensual at all.

Top 3 Bollywood Actress Have Best Navel
Top 3 Bollywood Actress Have Best Navel
Top 3 Bollywood Actress Have Best Navel
Top 3 Bollywood Actress Have Best Navel

2. Tamanna Bhatia

Top 3 Bollywood Actress Have Best Navel

Tamanna is a popular actress, she worked in both Flim Industry. she is 31 years old Actress.

Tamannaah has the most enticing navel of any female on the planet. People’s penis rises when they view her navel. In her body, she has a fuckable waist. Tamanna constantly exposes her navel since it is the hottest region of her body, hotter than a fire. On the internet, you can see images of her navel.

She is the most attractive woman on the planet. Bhatia’s naval is also one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. She has a milky complexion, a lovely naval, and good hips.

Top 3 Bollywood Actress Have Best Navel
Top 3 Bollywood Actress Have Best Navel
Top 3 Bollywood Actress Have Best Navel
Top 3 Bollywood Actress Have Best Navel

1. Kriti Sanon

Top 3 Bollywood Actress Have Best Navel

Kriti Sanon is an Indian actress who has primarily worked in Hindi cinema. She graduated from the Jaypee Institute of Information Technology with an engineering degree in Electronics and Communication, after which she briefly worked as a model.

She made her debut in the Bollywood industry with a bang, and this scene will live long in her memory. She makes it plain to the audience that she is a Navel Goddess in Bollywood. Off the Navel, she put up a lovely display.

Even Tiger is impressed in movies; the director recognizes that she has a charming and hot navel, so she flaunts it and is frequently utilized in films.

And Kriti Sanon has a great body shape and is in excellent physical condition. Her navel glows brighter as she loses weight, and her fans become more attracted to her.

So, we’ve seen her at a lot of events and movies, and her navels are often flaunted to capture the public’s attention. Her navel shows us, much like in the movie Heropanti… In Heropanti, Kriti Sanon plays Navel.

Top 3 Bollywood Actress Have Best Navel
Top 3 Bollywood Actress Have Best Navel
Top 3 Bollywood Actress Have Best Navel
Top 3 Bollywood Actress Have Best Navel

Kriti Sanon Has a beautiful Navel, She is one of the best navel having in the Bollywood Industry. And she always shows to their fans. Kriti Sanon best navel award in India.

Her Nabhi is a beautiful cute in shape and size.

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